NSKT Global provides its clients with accurate and real-time accounting services. Once a client is done connecting their bank accounts, all the ins and outs are recorded, and their books are updated in real-time, allowing them to have an accurate understanding of their finances. The system updates all accounts payable and receivable in real time to avoid bookkeeping errors. Finding accountant near me & cpa near me is simple & hassle-free.


NSKT Global provides its clients with access to Chief Finance Officers, which can help assess the business and devise better strategies, or identify resource drainage, to improve the company's financial health. The virtual CFO services offered by NSKT Global are charged on an hourly basis, which makes it more feasible for SMEs to avail these services.

Filing Services

NSKT Global offers accurate and hassle-free handling of individual and Business taxes, personal and Business tax filing and tax preparation services with the help of the latest tools and technologies, our experts simplify tax services for you, handle bookkeeping services, and filing taxes online. Finding tax preparer near me & tax accounting firm is simple & hassle-free. 

Employee Retention Tax Credit

You may be eligible for a credit of upto $26,000 per employee through the Employee Retention Tax Credit if your company had to make modifications during COVID owing to supply chain challenges, capacity issues, project delays, or other pandemic-related effects. To find out more, arrange a free consultation with our team of ERC professionals. We'll go over your eligibility and file your Employee Retention Tax Credit with the IRS. 

Pricing Plans

Basic Plan

$ 149 99
  • See if you qualify
  • Includes 1 State Filing
  • W-2 income
  • Limited interest and dividend income reported on a 1099-INT or 1099-DIV

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Deluxe Plan

$ 199 149
  • Everything in Basic Plus
  • Maximize Deductions & Credit
  • State Additional $40

Premier Plan

$ 299
  • Everything in Deluxe Plus
  • Investment & Rental Property
  • State Additional $40

Self - Employed Plan

$ 349
  • Everything in Premier Plus
  • Personal & Business Income /Expenses
  • State Additional $40
* Onboarding fee is charged one time at sign-up and is equal to one month's subscription cost.
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NSKT global comes with features that most other bookkeeping services lack.


NSKT Global aims to identify and solve problems for small and growing businesses. It streamlines the flow of information regarding transactions through its online accounting services, allowing business owners and managers to compare the budget set for business practices with actual statistics. Finding accountant near me & cpa near me is just a click away.

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Visual dashboards tell you about accounts receivable and the whereabouts of these customers as a part of its accounting services. You can also monitor outstanding payments, allowing businesses to pay dues on time and avoid penalties. Finding accountant near me & cpa near me is just a click away.

Tax Preparation/Planning

Our experts help you at every step, from tax preparation, tax filing and file taxes online. One-on-one tax consultancy with our experts enables you to maximize your individual or business tax refunds! Finding a tax preparer near me & cpa near me is just a click away.

Virtual CFO

We provide access to your own Chief Financial Officer as part of our virtual CFO services. This can help you create better strategies and eliminate losses, which enhances your profit!


NSKT global allows you to maintain your payrolls accurately, which is as essential as performing accurate accounting & bookkeeping practices! Clients are charged based on the number of employees that work for them!

Why Choose Us

We are well versed with the regulations outlined by regulators around the world.

We put together all our services in a way that provides you with a seamless experience.

Having worked with several industries, our team has knowledge of providing wide spectrum of services.

Our team is highly responsive when it comes to customer support and solutions provided within timelines.

We strongly believe in establishing long-term relationships that help us and our clients grow.

We strive to do our best by offering our services at a reasonable cost.


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Frequently Asked Questions

NSKT Global provides its clients with accounting services, takes care of your business tax filing, and provides you with Virtual CFO services, among many other services necessary to run a business smoothly. Moreover, you only pay for what you use and do not need to hire a full-time professional, saving you a lot of money.
Online accounting & Bookkeeping refers to a method also known as cloud accounting. You connect your bank accounts, which are used to carry out transactions in and out of the company. NSKT Global then updates your financial records in real time, allowing you to focus on processes that can enhance your business.
We provide our clients with a dedicated staff group that handles their accounts in real-time, eliminating the need to hire full-time professionals. Thus, you only pay according to your bookkeeping needs and not monthly wages, which are often expensive and not practical for small businesses to pay. Finding accountant near me & cpa near me for my business is just a click away.
Client data is stored over secure online servers. Several layers of encryption secure these servers. Additionally, the applications we use to handle client data are ISO certified and are enabled with the highest levels of security to maintain customer privacy!
You can access monthly reports related to your accounts over the designated software. You can also check real-time data over the same platform. In addition to these provisions, NSKT Global ensures that you receive monthly reports from the accounting team on your email.
To communicate with the NSKT Global team responsible for your account, you can share your account and allow an unlimited number of users to interact. Now you collaborate with your accounting team, and you can choose to get in contact with your NSKT Global accounting team over calls, emails, and several other platforms of communication.

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